what-we-do1 Custom Built Homes

Sommerwell Homes designs and builds luxury properties in a broad range of styles, using a wide variety of materials. Only the best materials are used in our homes, including stone, cedar and copper. Every space is created with lasting vision and state-of-the-art design. Our services are present from start to finish: locating the land, planning and scheduling the build, gathering the requisite permits, constructing the architecture, designing the interiors, landscaping, and guaranteeing quality by acquiring builder and warranties. Our clients are consulted and guided every step of the way; the channels of communication are always open. Luxury homes deserve the freedom of collaboration.

what-we-do2 Major Renovations and Interior Remodelling

Renovations serve a dual function: they renew the look and feel of a home, while adding value to the initial investment. From space layout and interior structure, to design, palette and fixtures, our renovation and remodelling services completely transform the existing to better reflect our clients’ current tastes a process of inherent creativity and imagination. A renovated home also taps into the latent investment potential that may have been hidden underneath.

our process

Our process is all-encompassing, cooperative and detailed. A custom-built home or a renovation is product of preparation and we take extensive measures to ensure everything is in place before beginning. No matter which stage of the process our clients come to us in, even if they already have a lot, Sommerwell Homes are with them until the end.

stage 1: Initial Consultation – The Inspiration

Our team meets with you personally to discuss everything from location and architecture to design and palette. The initial consultation is where we creatively collaborate to visualize exactly what you want.

stage 2: Real Estate – The Scout

Sommerwell Homes then contacts real estate agents for the specific neighbourhoods you selected. Our links to and relationships within the real estate industry help uncover prime lots at great value.

stage 3: Planning, Scheduling, Permitting – The Preparation

Once the lot has been agreed upon, we gather all the necessary permits to begin construction, before meeting with you to plan and schedule the build.

stage 4: Architecture – The Construction

We hold an initial site meeting to finalize timelines and set the site. During construction, regular on-site and off-site meetings are held to keep you updated on project progress and milestones.

stage 5: Interior Design – The Expression

Once the architecture is complete, we begin working on the interior based on the models, features and finishes you selected.

stage 6: Landscaping – The Accent

The land surrounding the home is then developed. Landscaping and manicuring take place, complimenting the architecture and interior design to give the home one coherent expression.

stage 7: Warranty – The Precaution

Sommerwell Homes goes the extra mile to ensure your home is secured with a Warranty and a Builders Warranty: any post-construction faults and finishes are reviewed and addressed promptly.

Serving Scarborough Beaches, Aurora, King Township, Bloor West Village, Sunnylea, The Kingsway and Rosedale. Our portfolio of work encompasses custom-built homes, and major renovations and interior remodeling